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Local anesthesia for the ophthalmic surgery. Select the best technique for your patient  [  Abstract  ]
Mansoor Aqil
The effect of leptin on the osteoinductive activity of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 in nude mice  [  Abstract  ]
Jun-Chang Xu,  Gui-Hua Wu,  Han-Lin Liu,  Jiang-Tao Liu,  Xue-Jun Yan,  Jian-Ting Chen
The effect of ethanolic extract of propolis on radiation-induced mucositis in rats  [  Abstract  ]
Leila Ghassemi,  Ebrahim Zabihi,  Rabi Mahdavi,  Maryam Seyedmajidi,  Sadat Akram,  Mina Motallebnejad
In vivo acute effects of orally administered hydro-ethanol extract of Catha edulis on blood glucose levels in normal, glucose-fed hyperglycemic, and alloxan-induced diabetic rats  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad A. Dallak,  Ismaeel Bin-Jaliah,  Mahmoud A. Al-Khateeb,  Luke O. Nwoy,  Abdullah S. Shatoor,  Hesham S. Soliman,  Fahaid H. Al-Hashem
Research of glycosylated granulocyte colony-stimulating factor on mobilizing cell regeneration of bone marrow stem cells and repairing injured myocardium  [  Abstract  ]
Yuan Ma,  Ming Luo
Effectiveness of a 20% Miswak extract against a mixture of Candida albicans and Enterococcus faecalis  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammad I. Al-Obaida,  Mohamed A. Al-Essa,  Abdulaziz A. Asiri,  Ali A. Al-Rahla
Association of tumor necrosis factor-a polymorphisms with susceptibility and clinical outcomes of rheumatic heart disease  [  Abstract  ]
Amal A. Mohamed,  Laila A. Rashed,  Saher M. Shaker,  Rasha I. Ammar
Do components of metabolic syndrome contribute to cardiac autonomic neuropathy in non-diabetic patients?  [  Abstract  ]
Zorica R. Rasic-Milutinovic,  Dusan R. Milicevic,  Branislav D. Milovanovic,  Gordana B. Perunicic-Pekovic,  Biljana D. Pencic
Diagnostic yield and therapeutic impact of transthoracic echocardiography in patients with potential cardiac sources of cerebral embolism  [  Abstract  ]
Hussam F. Al-Faleh,  Amjad O. Al-Qadi,  Ahmed S. Hersi
Vitreoretinal complications in Yemeni patients with keratorefractive surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Mahfouth A. Bamashmus,  Seddique A. Al-Salahim,  Mahmoud F. Saleh,  Mohamed A. Awadalla,  Nabil A. Tarish
Open ventral hernia repairs with Kugel patch  [  Abstract  ]
Junsheng Li,  Zhenling Ji,  Yanan Zhang
Evaluation of patients’ knowledge on warfarin in outpatient anticoagulation clinics in a teaching hospital in Qatar  [  Abstract  ]
Imran F. Khudair,  Yolande I. Hanssens
Epidemiology of hepatitis B among professional male athletes in Qatar  [  Abstract  ]
Bruce H. Hamilton,  Justine A. Paoloni,  Hakim Chalabi
Knowledge of osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly women  [  Abstract  ]
Fahad M. Al-Shahrani,  Abdullah M. Al-Zahrani,  Ali I. Al-Haqawi
Pattern of use and impact of patient sitters on the quality of healthcare in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Saeed M. Al-Asmary,  Abdel-Salam A. Al-Shehri,  Fahad K. Al-Omari,  Fayssal M. Farahat,  Fawaz S. Al-Otaibi
Correction of vertical maxillary excess by superior repositioning of the maxilla  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed A. Zahrani
Pneumomediastinum, pneumothorax, and subcutaneous emphysema due to duodenal ulcer  [  Abstract  ]
Muhammad Abdullah,  Mohammed H. Al-Akeely,  Abdulaziz A. Al-Mustafa
Conventional dipsticks in the screening of microalbuminuria and urinary tract infections. Killing 2 birds with one stone?  [  Abstract  ]
Stefano Rapi,  Laura Bartolini,  Donella Puliti,  Giulia E. Cambi,  Mohamed Bamoshmoosh,  Marzia Baldereschi,  Luciano Massetti,  Pietro A. Modesti
Induced sputum eosinophil count for the diagnosis of bronchial asthma  [  Abstract  ]
Qian Q. Liu,  Shi H. Chen,  Miao B. Liang,  Lin Y. Feng
Oral health and nutritional status of the free-living elderly in Peshawar, Pakistan  [  Abstract  ]
Iftikhar Alam,  Fawad Bangash
Effects of high dose orally administered paracetamol for heel prick pain in premature infants  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi ,  Zohreh Badiee
The practice of medicine and the utilitarian redefinition of the beginning and end of human life  [  Abstract  ]
Mohamed Y. Rady,  Joseph L. Verheijde,  Muna S. Ali,  Aida Al-Aqeel
Drug-resistant tuberculosis now at record levels  [  Abstract  ]
New children’s medicine guide released by UNICEF and WHO  [  Abstract  ]
Congenital vertical talus. Clinical Presentation  [  Abstract  ]
Yasir S. Siddiqui,  Mohammad Zahid,  Aamir B. Sabir
Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple choice Questions Section  [  Abstract  ]

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