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Gastroesophageal reflux disease in infants. Myths and misconceptions, where is the evidence?  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmed A. Sarkhy
Repair of critical size bone defects with porous poly(D,L-lactide)/nacre nanocomposite hollow scaffold  [  Abstract  ]
Wen-Dee Xiao,  Zhao-Ming Zhong,  Yong-Zhi Tang,  Zi-Xing Xu,  Zhun Xu,  Jian-Ting Chen
Effects of pravastatin or 12/15 lipoxygenase pathway inhibitors on indices of diabetic nephropathy in an experimental model of diabetic renal disease  [  Abstract  ]
Hayam I. Gad
Adding a conduit to GlideScope blade facilitates tracheal intubation. Prospective randomized study  [  Abstract  ]
Waleed A. Almarakbi,  Jamal A. Alhashemi,  Abdullah M. Kaki
Hepatitis B virus genotypes and subgenotypes in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey  [  Abstract  ]
Nese Kaklikkaya,  Metin Sancaktar,  Rahmet Guner,  Celal K. Buruk,  Iftihar Koksal,  Ilknur Tosun,  Faruk Aydin
Bowel function and its associated variables in Saudi adults. A population based study  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmad M. Zubaidi,  Nouf H. Al-Saud,  Xena A. Al-Qahtani,  Shaffi A. Shaik,  Maha H. Abdulla,  Khayal A. Al-Khayal,  Omar A. Al-Obeed
Pattern of cervical smear abnormalities using the revised Bethesda system in a tertiary care hospital in Western Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Fadwa J. Altaf,  Shagufta T. Mufti
Three-dimension anatomy-based planning optimization for high dose rate vaginal vault brachytherapy  [  Abstract  ]
Yasir A. Bahadur,  Ashraf H. Hassouna,  Camelia T. Constantinescu,  Adly F. Naga,  Noor M. Ghasal,  Mohamed E. Elsayed
Encopresis in children. Outcome and predictive factors of successful management  [  Abstract  ]
Adnan A. Mohammed,  Farag M. Mekael
The corrected perinatal mortality rate. A hospital-based study in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Nabeel S. Bondagji,  Eman M. Kasim
Associations between spontaneous preterm birth and maternal-newborn ABO blood phenotype pairs  [  Abstract  ]
Sameer Y. Al-Abdi,  Maryam A. Al-Aamri,  Kamal I. Dabelah,  Taher A. Mousa,  Najeeb G. Al-Rahman,  Hussien I. Bukhamsien
Knowledge on adherence and safety of the oral contraceptive pill in Saudi women  [  Abstract  ]
Ghadeer K. Al-Shaikh,  Ahmed Y. Mayet,  Mashael K. Alshaikh,  Amani F. Hamad,  Mansour A. Mahmoud,  Hisham S. Aljadhey
Prevalence of gingival biotype and its relationship to dental malocclusion  [  Abstract  ]
Khalid H. Zawawi,  Shaimaa M. Al-Harthi,  Mohammad S. Al-Zahrani
Metastatic breast neuroendocrine tumor from the rectum  [  Abstract  ]
Jaudah A. Al-Maghrabi,  Jamal Zekri
A case of bilateral retinoblastoma with a novel mutation presenting at retinopathy of prematurity screening  [  Abstract  ]
Sameer Y. Al-Abdi
Association between diabetes self-care, medication adherence, anxiety, depression, and glycemic control in type 2 diabetes  [  Abstract  ]
Ayman A. Al-Hayek,  Asirvatham A. Robert,  Aus A. Alzaid,  Hussam M. Nusair,  Nariman S. Zbaidi,  Muwafak H. Al-Eithan,  Asirvatham E. Sam
Osteomyelitis following Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccination  [  Abstract  ]
Mahmood D. Al-Mendalawi ,  Mohammed M. Zamzam
Length of stay of patients in different rehabilitation programs. A hospital experience in Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Ahmad Z. Qureshi,  Maher S. Al-Jadid
Erratum: Rhesus alloimmunization in pregnancy. A tertiary care center experience in the Western region of Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
Erratum: Histopathological pattern of ovarian neoplasms and their age distribution in the western region of Saudi Arabia  [  Abstract  ]
World Malaria Day 2012  [  Abstract  ]
New data highlight increases in hypertension, diabetes incidence  [  Abstract  ]
Abnormalities of the face, liver, heart, and eyes  [  Abstract  ]
Mohammed Y. Hasosah
From The Cochrane Library
Balancing Trastuzumab’s Survival Benefits and Heart Risks for Women with Breast Cancer  [  Abstract  ]
Pre-Operative Statins Can Help Patients Who Undergo Heart Surgery  [  Abstract  ]
Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple Choice Questions Section  [  Abstract  ]

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