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The peer review process is the cornerstone of any leading journal,and is one of the Internationally used indicators of journal quality. At Saudi Medical Journal, we endeavor to uphold our editorial standards through a rigorous peer-review process applied to each manuscript.

As peer review is a purely voluntary process , our concern is to provide incentives so that we may increase the number of expert reviewers, and ensure the quality of published papers.

With pleasure, we announce that following the request of Saudi Medical Journal, the Saudi Council for Health Specialties approved the awarding of CME credits to peer-reviewers of ALL medical journals in the Kingdom. The Council will award 1 CME credit for each manuscript reviewed, with a maximum of 5 credits per year.

Join our team of expert peer reviewers for Saudi Medical Journal by registering through the website at and select "register now" or sending an enquiry and summarized CV to Note that SMJ reviewers, whose reviews are returned on time and are judged satisfactory by the Editors, may receive 1 CME credit per review, with a maximum of 5 credits per year, from the Saudi Council for Health Specialties.