Physical activity profile among patients attending family medicine clinics in western Saudi Arabia.

Hani A. AboZaid, Fayssal M. Farahat



To provide a current estimate of the prevalence and determining factors associated with physical activity among patients attending family medicine clinics in western Saudi Arabia.


A cross-sectional study was conducted using an interview-administered questionnaire completed by 329 randomly selected adult Saudi male and female patients attending family medicine clinics at the Armed Forces Hospitals, Taif, Saudi Arabia. The study was conducted from December 2005 to January 2006.


Approximately 54% of the participants were physically active, of whom 27.7% were practicing vigorous physical activities, and 72.3% were practicing moderate physical activities. Multivariate analysis showed that age, occupation, chronic health problems, and fear of criticism were significantly associated with practicing physical activity.


Patients, as targets of health services need support and provision of facilities for appropriate understanding and practicing of physical activity. A national policy that encourages active living and discourages sedentary habits is also needed, and health care providers should play an important role in this policy.

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